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About Punarjani Resorts

Punarjani Resorts is an all-cottage accommodation where each visitor gets an opportunity to enjoy the scenic paradise of Ramakkalmedu. Getting there is adventurous and a bit bumpy but once you are there you will be entranced by the magnificence and tranquility of the spot! It is truly paradise on Earth which will cleanse your soul and give you the clarity you never had. Such is the beauty and silence of this heavenly abode. This resort is perfect for someone who wants to escape the noise and pace of the city and experience nature first hand. Ramakkalmedu being a mountainous region, the resort is perfectly located for trekking, forest walking, mountain biking, camping and other adventurous activities.

We at Punarjani Resorts, Ramakkalmedu feel the resort is located amongst the most beautiful spots on the planet. Ramakkalmedu is one of the 36 different spots earmarked by Government of India and United Nations Development Program for its tourism potential and development.

The apex additionally offers a vantage perspective of the legendary Madurai fields and a surrounding perspective of the beautiful towns of Bodi and Cumbum on the eastern incline of the Western Ghats. The astounding perspective of the dusk and dawn from the resort is mesmerizing.


Punarjani resorts offer a variety of dining options including round-the-clock room service. All meals are prepared at the in-house restaurant. Special requests from guests are welcome and can be prepared subject to availability.

Punarjani Resorts endeavors to promote natural organic practices. Part of the resort consists of an organic garden from where fresh organic produces are produced and used for all in-house dishes. We have an in-house fish farm where customers can choose according to their taste.

Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in a setting of elegant informality at the restaurant.

Cuisine offered includes Continental, local South Indian, and North Indian and Arabic dishes.


Offering a variation of treatments such as Hand and Foot Reflexology, Back and Shoulder Massage, Aromatherapy Oil Massage, Facial Massage, Body Scrub, Body Wrap, coupled with warm massage oils are being used to massage the whole body.

  • Relax Massage(30 minutes) -- Rs.1200
  • Relax Massage(45 minutes) -- Rs.1500
  • Relax Massage(60 minutes) -- Rs.2000
  • Relax Massage(90 minutes) -- Rs.2500

The origins of the steam bath come from the Roman bath, which began during the height of the Roman Empire. Ancient Roman baths served many community and social functions within Roman society. A steam bath is a steam-filled room for the purpose of relaxation and cleansing. It has a long history, going back to Greek and Roman times, with various theories about why it is beneficial

  • Steam Bath -- Rs.500
  • Herbal Steam Bath(20 minutes) -- Rs.800

Shirodhara as the name suggests in its combining two different terms meaning head (Shira) and flow (Dhara) is an Ayurvedic head massage with natural herbal oils and ointments. This external medication is administered on the head, neck and shoulders as a part of Panchakarma treatment which is an Ayurvedic treatment for detoxification of the body from harmful toxic substances. Shirodhara for ages have been a great source of healing for various disorders and diseases relating to nervous function, hypertension or high blood pressure, insomnia, cloudiness of thought, hair fall and many other diseases related to nervous function and blood circulation. Let us now see in detail how this Ayurveda treatment procedure works for overall healing of our gross disorders or for detoxification of our organic process.

  • Shirodhara (30 min. Massage+30 min. Dhara) -- Rs.2200
  • Shirodhara (30 min. Massage+45 min. Dhara) -- Rs.2500
  • Shirodhara (45 min. Massage+45 min. Dhara) -- Rs.3000

Cloth bags contains herbal powder dipped in hot oil and massaged over the body, It is very effective in arthritis with or without inflammation, back pain, paralysis, joint and muscle pain, and long standing injuries of the muscles.

  • Podikizhi(30 min.+30 min. Massage) -- Rs.1900

Herbal poultices (bundles) are prepared with various herbs and medicated powders. The poultices are warmed in medicated oils and used to massage the entire body, neck, shoulders, hand and back, shifting the person from side to side. The massage can promote better circulation within the affected area thereby promoting increased perspiration, which helps the skin to eliminate wastes. It also helps to tone the skin and can be superbly relaxing

  • Elakizhi (30 min.+30 min. Massage) -- Rs.2000

Kizhis, where heated herbs, oils, powders, and other prescribed materials are tied into muslin bags to form boluses. These bags are then placed with varying degrees of pressure on different body parts, with special focus on areas where the marma- or nerve points – are located. This is followed by specific massages, done using the fingers, heel of the hand or palm. The pressure application varies according to the nature of ailment and the spot.

  • Kizhi (15 min. ) -- Rs. 1000

Njavarakizhi, a deeply invigorating massage, involves fomentation of the body with a bolus of cooked rice. Njavara is a particular kind of rice known for its nutritional and therapeutic value. It is cooked with milk and an herbal decoction made of kurumthotti. Four boluses are made of this cooked rice and tied up in linen bags.

  • Njavarakizhi (60min.) -- Rs. 3500

‘Pizhichil’is a type of ayurvedic treatment in which a combination of rich oil massage and a special heat treatment is applied to the patient’s body. It is one of the most important contributions of Kerala to Ayurveda. This therapy has been in practice in India, particularly Kerala, since ancient times and was more popular with the kings and royal family members. This is the reason why Pizhichil therapy is also popularly known as “King’s Treatment”. The royal family member underwent this special ayurvedic therapy as a means to maintain their health boost up immunity and to cure many ailments.

  • Pizhichil (Medicine Oil- 60 min.) -- Rs. 4500

This ancient Ayurvedic therapy, practiced for thousands of years, encourages the body’s innate healing in addition to being soothing & relaxing. The therapeutic effects of Indian Head massage are varied & include; Relief from stress and tension headaches, relief of tension and knots from the shoulders and neck, up into the face, which is beneficial to aid ease eyestrain and sinus problems.

  • Head, Face & Shoulder Massage (30 min.) -- Rs. 1000

Foot massage has been practiced in many cultures for centuries to promote health and well-being. Today, massage is considered a complementary and alternative medicine used by millions to relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, rehabilitate injuries and boost general health. The practice of foot reflexology massage involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet in order to affect various parts of the body.

  • Padhyangam (Foot Massage) -- Rs. 900

Mukhalepam is a simple yet effective skin care treatment in Ayurveda, which is done using herbal powder and fresh cream. This therapy also includes the process of giving the person a facial massage using herbal beauty oil and cream. The process involved in this treatment includes the application of the herbal pack on the face (Mukha Lepam) for treating Mukha Dushika (Pimples). This treatment is helpful for a wide variety of problems related to the skin and the face. It is found to be effective in improving the complexion of the skin.

  • Facial (Mukhalepam- 45 min.) -- Rs.2000

This herbal oil is formulated for those who have oily and acne prone skin. It is a slightly astringent blend that also acts as a light moisturizer. This potent blend of antioxidants, moisturizing oils and skin cleansing ingredients will leave your skin invigorated, clean and help to remove unpleasant acne and blemishes so you can feel great about who you are inside and out.

  • Herbal Face Pack -- Rs. 2500

Nasyam is a method of Kalarichikilsa where the medicated oil or herbal juices are administered through the nose for the period of time prescribed by the Gurukkal or medical practitioner. It acts by removing the excess humors accumulated in the different sinus cavities and throat. Nasyam is highly effective for different kinds of migraine, hormonal imbalances, paralysis, mental disorders, premature graying of hair, loss of smell and taste and even can add clarity to voice. It cleanses the different cavities and increases oxygenation thus improving brain functioning.

  • Nasyam (30 min.) --Rs.1000

The knee joint is called Janu Sandhi in Sanskrit; hence the name Janu Basti is given to the procedure done on knee joints. In this the knee joint is bathed with warm medicated oil or freshly prepared herbal decoction. Depending on the condition it can be practiced over both the knee joints or on one knee joint. Knee joints are considered as sandhi Marma in Ayurveda (joint type of vital areas) which measure about three fingers (three anguli pramana).So the janu vasti is specialized knee therapy or massage which rejuvenate the janu marma.

  • Januvasthi --- Rs.1000

The procedure of applying heat to the sacral or lumber region by retaining warm medicated oil with oil with in a specially formed frame on this area is popularly know by the kati vasthi.The term vasthi here is a misnomer. Vasthi generally refers to the administration of the medicine through the rectal route by using the specially designed vasthi instrument.

  • Kativasthi (For 30min.) -- Rs. 1500

In Sanskrit the word Greeva refers to neck and Basti stands for a container. So the procedure, in which warm Medicated oil is allowed to stand on back of neck as shown in the figure, is called as the Greeva Basti. This procedure is very useful in maintaining normal structure and working of neck region

  • Greeva Vasthi (30 min.) -- Rs.1500

Udwarthanam is an Ayurvedic body scrub that details the specific use of an herbal paste called lepam, which is made from dry grain, medicated milk and a variety of oils. (Another less common method is through the application of steam.) In Udwarthanam, the body is massaged after an application of the aforementioned herbal paste to the skin. A warm bath that accompanies Udwarthanam then washes away the paste, all the while emitting a lovely scent of leaves

  • Udwarthanam -- Rs. 3000
  • Abhyangam (Full body Massage)
  • Shirodhara
  • Elakizhi (Herbal face pack massage)
  • Elakizhi
  • Greeva Vasthi
  • Kati vasthi
  • Shirodhara
  • Herbal Steam Bath


We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a plantation resort, “PUNARJANI” 02 km. from the Ramakkalmedu replete with all modern amenities and wonderful ambience.


Ramakkalmedu is fast emerging as the third most favourite tourism destination in Idukki district with an average of around 1,500 visitors per day, as per an estimate of the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC).